Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tutorial #1: How to get started to be a TVC Talent (List of Talent Agencies)

Hi guys, it's been quite a long time I didn't write in my blog. I've started to feel like writing in this blog since a lot of my friends and acquaintance keep asking me how to become a tvc talent, or at least- to appear in tvc.

Actually it is not very hard to be one of them. But first, let me help you a bit, I try to list down some of the local talent agencies that I can remember together with their emails or websites so that you can send your profile n portfolios ,P&P (nowadays we are not necessary need to go to the agency's office to submit the p&p, only email required- it's easier! Dont worry, they are very trusted agencies since I've been working for them plenty of times. So here they are in not alphabetical order:

1. Gary Star Talent Agency (garystartalents@gmail.com)
2. Erik's Talents (erik.talent@gmail.com)
3. Switch Talent Agency (admin@switchtalent.com)
4. Now Modeling (models3@Nowmodeling.com)
5. Click Pictures (cp.clickpictures@gmail.com)
6. Candid Cast (candid.cast@gmail.com)
7. Mug Shot (dee_mugshot@yahoo.com)
8. Purple Inc. (guy@purpleInc.com or www.purpleinc.com)
9. Cheese Casting (cheese@cheeseagency.com)
10. Blivene Talent Agency (blivenetalents@yahoo.com)
11. SP Models (spmalemodels@gmail.com, spfemalemodels@gmail.com, spkidsmodel@gmail.com)
12. ML Models http://www.mlmodel.asia
13. Carrot Films (carrotfilms@hotmail.com)
14. New Look Casting http://www.newlookcasting.com
15. The Talent Factory (info@talentfactory.com.my)

So guys, prepare your profile and submit ur best photos! I will tell you how to make a good profile and explain how to catch the casting director's eyes from your casting photos!


Wynn xxx

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