Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tutorial #2: How to become a TVC talent (Profile and Portfolio)

How to make a good profile and portfolio:

1. Profile or biodata should be no problem to you guys. It's just a fact or information about yourself. It's like writing a resume for a new job application, but it is more on to your physical details. In addition, if you have exposure to tvc and print ad before, it would be bonus marks for you!

OK, I'm trying to be kind to you guys. I give you a profile template so you can just copy and paste and just fill in your details. But it is just a template! You can add-in any information of yourself if neccessary:)

Example of Profile

Personal particulars:
Name: Evaa Alexis binti Badri Shah
Nickname: Lexy
Gender: Female
DOB: 12.12.1990
Age: 22
Contact No: 012-3456789
Location: Selangor, MALAYSIA
Education level: Diploma in Fashion Design

Physical information:
Height: 172cm/ 5'7"
Weight: 50kg
Bust: 33"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 34"
Shoe size: 9 (U.S. Women)
Dress size: S/M
Ethnicity: Pan-Asian
Hair colour: Dark brown
Hair length: Long
Eye colour: Brown

Extra information:
Job Type: Commercial, Photoshoot, Catwalk, Emcee
Availability: Saturday and Sunday (other day available if further notice)
Travelling willingness: Yes, only around Malaysia

1. Catwalk for KL-FW
2. Print Ad. Nokia
1. TVC Febreeze
2. Catwalk for MIFA
3. Print Ad. Maggi

I hope you can start filling in your profile. Everyone is a star potential!


Wynn xxx

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tutorial #1: How to get started to be a TVC Talent (List of Talent Agencies)

Hi guys, it's been quite a long time I didn't write in my blog. I've started to feel like writing in this blog since a lot of my friends and acquaintance keep asking me how to become a tvc talent, or at least- to appear in tvc.

Actually it is not very hard to be one of them. But first, let me help you a bit, I try to list down some of the local talent agencies that I can remember together with their emails or websites so that you can send your profile n portfolios ,P&P (nowadays we are not necessary need to go to the agency's office to submit the p&p, only email required- it's easier! Dont worry, they are very trusted agencies since I've been working for them plenty of times. So here they are in not alphabetical order:

1. Gary Star Talent Agency (
2. Erik's Talents (
3. Switch Talent Agency (
4. Now Modeling (
5. Click Pictures (
6. Candid Cast (
7. Mug Shot (
8. Purple Inc. ( or
9. Cheese Casting (
10. Blivene Talent Agency (
11. SP Models (,,
12. ML Models
13. Carrot Films (
14. New Look Casting
15. The Talent Factory (

So guys, prepare your profile and submit ur best photos! I will tell you how to make a good profile and explain how to catch the casting director's eyes from your casting photos!


Wynn xxx

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Raymond Goh at MASIF 2011

me and my team at MASiF2011 at KLCC 16Sept, 2011 parading for designer, Raymond Goh, a young designer from Penang.

Models in sequence:
1. Ayse Nur @ Jujus
2. Malya Chikita @ MC
3. Bridgette
4. Wynn Nasution @ Me!
5. Diana Jalal @DJ
6. Dolly

Massimo Sandwich Loaf with Wheat Germ TVC