Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Milo 'Sejuk' BTS :)

the line of casts for Milo 'Sejuk' tvc. I was the only adult talent here :)

with my son at the scene, River and my son's friend who loved Milo Sejuk so much (LOL), Tiffany:)

using skylift to get a 'Milo truck chasing' scene :)

Good Maid tvc : BTS:)

at Presto TTDI- my shopping cart was fully-loaded with Good Maid products:)

me with my co-talent, Vena Haslina. She is the host for TV1 Panorama programme. She was such a darling! I was surprised we have the same mutual friend, the hype and metrosexual hunk, Rosli Nordin :P

shooting for the "Awh, this is my superclean-no-dust-at-all-shiny-sparkly-clean house" scene :P

photo capturing time with my other co-talents for BM, English and Mandarin tvc version

with my beloved talent manager, Krul from Candid Cast :)

These are the behind the scene Good Maid tvc. Our shooting location for groceries shopping was at Presto TTDI. Meanwhile, for home scene, the shooting location was at one prestigious housing estate near Section 7, Shah Alam

TM print ad/ tvc

Three screenshots from TM tvc :)

with Mr. Director (in dark blue Nike t-shirt), assistant director ( red t-shirt) for TM tvc

with my co-talent, Rosli Nordin and talent manager from MugShot, Dee Aziz. They were so super fun!

my hands had been wrecked by people to make fake hand hennas using brown and orange marker pens ;P

TM print ad and TVC :) so descent newlywed, am I? the groom in the picture frame is Rosli Nordin

Johnson&Johnson print ad :)

*am I look so motherly in here?* lol