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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nona 12 Dec 2010: Episode 50

Hi! this is my second appearance on TV3 (after Wanita Hari Ini). For this appearance, I was being honoured to be one of the models for Sofira Boutique.

Founded in 2006 by Diana Faisal, the line was inspired by her travels. Diana, ever the keen observer, noticed emerging trends and styles happening around the world and wanted to introduce them to the Malaysian fashion scene. And guess what? The scene fell in love with her vision.

Check out the latest collection at Prices start from RM575. Sofira is available at 1, Lorong Damai 13 Kiri, Off Jalan Ampang. Tel: 03-2162 0470. It’s also available at Luxury Vintage at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas (03-6203 2752).

me wearing Venus

Animal print, Zelma - short kaftan

Tabitha, with jorjet silk material

Blouse: Wanda
Cardigan: Wicky


I really love this! Wearing Carmen feels like a Greek goddess

view in motion picture at live streaming or simply click here

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lake Garden Photoshoot with Asri Hashim

Theme: The Bridezilla

This was the first time I involved in photographer's creative photoshoot. It was so much fun: I met new model friends, make up artists and super talented photographers. I love shooting outdoors, but the thing was, I sweat like a cow and I was kinda messing the photos (was perspiring a lot and i messed the makeup *and the wardrobe*!). My body just can't stand the noon heat at the Lake Garden. but the shoot must go on. (LOVE THE PHOTOS A LOADDDD!)

* Thanks to Asri Hashim, Haszura Huri, Gie, Juma, Azlan, Azam and Arif

Friday, September 17, 2010

Harian Metro for Hajaba

Once again i got a task for Hajaba, called by Puan Mona Din to be a Muslimah model. i wore 5 garments and they were all so pretty i would like to bring home one! i am so happy to say that the makeup was all done by me! i hope you guys like it (after all the genius makeup artists done to me, i learnt from them indirectly :)

the shoot was taken place at Hajaba Boutique of Bangsar Village II branch. the environtment of the boutique was so comfy and very suitable for the shoot because it was decorated gorgeously :D

new raya collection from Hajaba

M.A.S.i.F 2010, Music, Arts, Style, International Festival

with Tangerine Models executive advisor, Mr. Faris Dr. Waris, and my model friend, Dina K. Aprianty

we posed at the runway stage and you can see the artwork done by artist, Lasak which he done it live in front of the audience in less than 6 minutes!

we just can't resist the vain shot!

and the models strut the pose:
Walk, walk, fashion baby!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak 2010!

at my grandmama's house somewhere in Ipoh

pagi raya bersama cousins yg comel2 belaka

with Leni, Shereen and Feera
(My light creamy yellow cekak musang kurung: credit to Linas Tailor, Sek.28 Shah Alam)

Third raya at Sara's house with my beau, Bad

posing raya, hehe!
(my lilac baju kurung: credit to Amir Mirza Couture at Noor Arfa Batik, OU)

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Berita Harian for An Nuur Boutique

the shoot taken place at An Nuur Boutique itself at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. the designs are simple n in my opinion i would like to have one of the pairs because it is comfortable to wear at work or simply for occasional functions. the boutique's owner is Puan Juhara (thx for inviting me to become the model) and Miss Elyana, makeup artist from Aroma Bidadari: Hair Saloon & Beauty Treatment, Tmn Sentosa, Klang (012-363 9857). i wore 5 cotton kurungs n 5 chiffon kurungs (chiffon kurungs will be published soon in BH).

warm n cold colors

cottony feel, with pelikat abstracts

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mingguan Wanita Bumper Edition

Shika and myself

Anis Al-Idrus and myself

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Mandailing - my culture, my tribe

* for more details about mandailing wedding (tradisi, busana, tatarias and kuliner) u can browse to:

Mandailing bride

The Mandailing is a traditional cultural group in Southeast Asia. They are found mainly in the northern section of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. They came under the influence of the Kaum Padri who ruled the Minangkabau of Tanah Datar. As a result, the Mandailing were influenced by Muslim culture and converted to Islam. Previous to their conversion, they practised Hinduism and Parmalim (Batak native religion). There are also a group of Mandailing in Malaysia, especially in the states of Selangor and Perak. They are closely related to theAngkola, who are mixed between Muslim and Christian adherents.

Mandailing bride and the traditional house

The etymology of 'Mandailing' is said to be a coupounding of the words mande, meaning 'mother', and hilang, meaning 'lost'. Thus, the name is said to mean "lost mother". Some research has suggested that the Mandailing are the descendants of the Batak, who migrated to the south before the coming of the Portuguese and Dutch colonisation of Sumatra. There they converted to Islam and intermarried with Minangkabau and the Malay peoples. Mandailing society is patriarchal, employing family names, or marga, in the same manner as the Batak, Simalungun, and Karo. The same marga can be found, such as Lubis, Nasution, Siregar, Hasibuan, Harahap, Dalimunthe (originally from Munthe), Matondang, Rangkuti, Parinduri, Pulungan, Rambe, Daulae(y), Pohan, Batubara (not to be confused with the Batu Bara people from the east coast of Sumatra), Barus and Hutajulu.

The bride is wearing ‘bulang’ (crown of mandailing virgin), gonjong hiasan dada, selendang songket, baju kurung, puttu (arm accesories), pending, keris dan sarung songket. meanwhile, the groom is wearing tengkulok mandailing (or called ‘tukku/happu’ – head gear from beludru), baju teluk belango, puttu (arm accessories), kris, sarung songket sebatas lutut, and long pants.