Monday, May 7, 2012

Miracle in My Tummy @12weeks 4days

Gonna change my topic! enough of modelling jobs. Now I'm gonna focus on my lil' baby in my womb. My baby is already 12 weeks and 4 days to date and according to, the average 12wks fetus is 5.4cm crown to rump length. But to my surprise, my baby is quite tall than the average length! It's 6.41cm and from the 2D scan.I can see it's development is very optimal. Alhamdulillah, that's what every parent wants to hear from her gynaecologist :)

I did my prenatal checkup at Women and Children Clinic, Prince Court Medical Center (my workplace :)). And I chose Dr. Tan Niap Hong (Prenatal and Genetic Medicine Specialist) as my Ob/Gyn specialist after I heard very good reviews from my colleagues. I went to the checkup accompanied by my lovely husband for my emotional support. He was also quite anxious to see the baby scan!

From the checkup, my Dr. Tan observed its heartbeat, brain, kidney, nuchal line, spine, lungs, stomach, nasal bone, jaw bone development etc. and they seemed normal and I was so glad to hear that! At first, my baby was just showing its backside (jual mahal), but after doc said, "It's not showing" it immediately turned around and showed its side angle. Clever baby!

My baby is quite active already. It's already moving around in it's own space, moving its four limbs and keeps on jumping and bouncing like no one cares! However, it's too small for me to feel it moving around my womb. I will eventually feel the kicking around 16weeks and above. I just can't wait to feel that baby kicking sensation already!!

My next checkup with Dr. Tan Niap Hong would be the next 6 weeks from today, meaning the appointment will be when my baby is already 18weeks (4months, 2weeks). At that moment, the doctor will tell the baby's gender accurately. I just can't wait! I don't mind whether it's a boy or girl, as long as my baby is healthy and in normal state, that's what I'm concern the most. INSYA' ALLAH

Till then.