Friday, September 17, 2010

Harian Metro for Hajaba

Once again i got a task for Hajaba, called by Puan Mona Din to be a Muslimah model. i wore 5 garments and they were all so pretty i would like to bring home one! i am so happy to say that the makeup was all done by me! i hope you guys like it (after all the genius makeup artists done to me, i learnt from them indirectly :)

the shoot was taken place at Hajaba Boutique of Bangsar Village II branch. the environtment of the boutique was so comfy and very suitable for the shoot because it was decorated gorgeously :D

new raya collection from Hajaba


  1. k. wyn, leh dapat discount tak for baju hajaba? mahal gilosss

  2. boleh rasenye. nanti pn.mona bg kwynn discount voucher =) *ehem* nak beli tudung kehh?? hehehe!