Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life as a Poser Part Uno

i wasn't intentionally jump into this modelling industry. it was all started when i was being honored to become maid of honor to my good friend back in secondary school, Ami ( she brought her entourage (her fellow friends and family, her bridal couture designer, Amir Mirza and makeup artist, Afad). we were introduced briefly because we were running out of time for ketibaan pengantin and bersanding. then, after high table lunch with bride and groom and family, we took a breather in the groom's house (and never enough photo snapping). and, right there Amir, Afad and i made a small chat until Amir offered me, 'Wynn nnt i nak pakai model i panggil u eh?' and i was likeeeee, hokayyyy. i thought it was like ajak2 ayam. so i just accepted the offer without any pengharapan. hahaha..

and 3 days after the wedding reception of Ami and Naz, as i was back to my normal routine (research! research! research!) on that one fine evening day, Ami texted me said, 'Wynn, Amir nak u jadi model for my wedding dress. masuk Utusan. u nak tak?' (the sentence has been rephrased. i can't remember word by word =P) i was like, 'Hah? u serious, ami? i gemoklaaaa.. tak muat masuk baju u!!' n we kept on texting until Amir finally called me to offer me to become his model for his designs. at first, i didn't have guts and self-esteem to do the job (SAYA SEDAR DIRI SAYA GEMUK). but, after a long pep talk with Amir, and he convincing me that i can wear his designs (he said his dresses are Medium size, and not Small size or size 00 like Victoria Beckam's vital stats), i was like, Hokayy.. just give it a try =P

The day of the photoshoots was so damn hot! my makeup melted as i was perpiring terribly (Maaf Afad, makeupmu cairrrr!). habis satu kotak tissue nak sental peluh di muka. hahaha! oh, forgot to introduce, the reporter was Kak Meran who came to interview Amir and his collection. She is so motherly and looked so professional (yeah, orang lamo). when the photoshoot was ended, Kak Meran asked for my contact number. she said, 'Asyik muka yg same je, bosan org tgk. lepas ni, akak panggil Wynn la'. i was like, betulke? akak ni tak nampak ke saya ni nak masuk baju pun kene ade org tolong zipkan, puteri lilin plak tu. haha.. sgt takde keyakinan diri =|

i never give hope for another shoot.

and these are the shots. my first was on the cover of Mode! yee-haw!

and this is Amir. he is so young, he is only 24 and ready to penetrate into the haute couture industry! Congrats, Amir (and credit to Afad for the breathtaking makeup! Spa Q gitu!).

the second photoshoot was for D'Anna Boutique ( which situated at Section 13, Shah Alam. Makeup by Emi Kaz (

the third photoshoot was for Jueis Collection situated at Section 7, Shah Alam. makeup by kak Dinie Awalluddin.

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